Makikinig Nalang Ako (Kay Bro Eli) Thoughts

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Hello everyone!

There’s a new catchy song called “Makikinig Nalang Ako (Kay Bro Eli)” by anonymous _ posted in Youtube. For those non-English speakers, it translates to I’ll Just Listen (To Bro Eli).

The song is very cute and very catchy. The visuals are very well-made, the composition and is very cool and relaxed, And the whole song just left me repeating it over and over again. Other the song being very cute and catchy, I want to focus on how true and relateable the lyrics are. I hope that a lot of people would someday feel the same way me and my brothers feel.

The first stanza:

Nanood ako ng TV ng masumpungan
Ang isang taong may taglay na karunungan
Sinasagot ang iba’t ibang katanungan
At ito’y hindi hindi basta matututulan
Wala pa ngang five minutes nang siya’y mapakinggan
Marami na agad akong natututunan
At magmula noo’y di na…

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