Having a messenger sent by God is one of the best gift and best thing in life. Bro.Eli Soriano the only sensible preacher of our time celebrated the most important date of his life with a concert for a great cause.

WE ARE BLESSED to have him.

Thanks and Praises to God.

Bro.Eli Soriano with the Music Ministry Core - April 08,2012

Special Guest – The Cascades one of the favorite band of Bro Eli Soriano

Bro. Eli Soriano and The Cascades

Hamilan was also there!

And of course Bro. Daniel Razon

We Love You Brother Eli. Thanks to God for loving us.

Another Geek Job

Monday to Friday my job is to removed viruses,malwares, trojans and any rogue files and programs causes the computers to run slowly and abnormally. :). Deleting tdss and temp files my duty is to clean the PC and make it up and running. Yup a Geek Job.  BlackOps.

But on this day my tools is not antispyware and antiviruse softwares but a broom, dustpan, hand gloves and black bag. Todays duty is not about gigabytes of infections but tons of trashes. I don’t just care to your PC but to the environment as well.



Mission Complete

More Photos of the Clean Act Drive – Click Here