Starbucks 2012

Starbucks 2011 was The Third Place

It’s not home; It’s not workplace. It’s that special place in between where we meet to awaken our senses, to find inspiration,and to make lasting connections.

The third place – This is what we have become for you,

This 2012 -It’s Bigger than Coffee

Let’s Give Big Hugs.

This year Starbucks will Spark some hope and brighten the future of our children at one planner at a time.

One Starbucks planner will cost you 14-23 stickers or equivalent to 14-23 cups of coffee.

But remember having a Starbucks planner is not the only way to give hugs to children. I have learned the advocacy of Mr. Public Service Kuya Daniel Razon “ANG PAGGAWA NG MABUTI AY HINDI MAGBUBUNGA NG MASAMA”. Every single time was a given chance for us to do something good, so let’s not waste it. If we can spend for a Starbucks coffee we can do a lot more.

On  January 22, 2012 is another project of Kuya Daniel across Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao and other part of the globe that will unite in  “KAHIT ISANG ARAW LANG UNITY RUN” for a noble cause to help our children and our nation.