get tan at Cagbalete Beach Resort

CAGBALETE is one of the most beautiful island in Luzon at Mauban; Quezon Philippines. It’s part of Lamon Bay and Pacific Ocean. This paradise is one of the best beach resort I’ve ever been. It has magnificent water and fine white sand where you can’t help yourself and just stay on the beach for long.

The breeze…; calmness of the sea..

and the very hospitable locals who guided us through our stay (Tiyo Dodong and Tiya Marie along with their cute daughter Nini).

During dawn till morning you can enjoy the cold water since it’s high tide (or
TAIB for locals and HIBAS for low tide).

In the afternoon as the moon sets;

you will be amaze because the water slowly disappear and you’ll see the underneath.

There is also a river connected to the sea

 and different creatures living in the island

such as small mr. crab and “kuray”. 

There are so many things you can do at CAGBALETE Island boating; snorkling;
exploring name it. As they say “It’s more fun in the Philippines!”.

even planking you can do it here  (hehe)              

Travel Tip

From MANILA to MAUBAN: You can ride at JACLiner bus in Cubao. (3.5 – 4hrs ride  / 400php) then there’s a passenger boat (malaking bangkang de motor) at MAUBAN that can take you to CAGBALETE  Island for 50php each (one ride only).

The boat starts taking passengers at 10:00am and will leave at 10:30am. (for us since we are group of 15peeps who went there we rented a boat for 1500php back and fort for the whole day).

For overnight stay you might need to book for resorts such as Villa Cleofes and
Pansacola Beach Resort or bring your own tent.


hehe.. that’s how they do it.. ^^

Enjoy as we did – enjoy a lot. Thanks be to God.


To Infinity and Beyond – Zeiss Terrence 3rd Birthday

The Cake





Event Co-Coordinator




Polka Panda Bear

Mighty Thor

Princess Belle



Marvel Heroes

Sailor Moon


Snow White

Close Friends and Relatives

Monkey the Luffy


Ronald McDonalds’ Gang

Special Participation of

Mr. BIN (Mr. Bean Philippines)Thanks to Mr. Bin. Everybody had so much fun.
We are so happy he was available that time..
til’ next time Mr. Bin…!!!


      FUN TIME!!!


McDonalds prepared different games for kids and adults.
Mr. Bin and Ronald Gang (including Ronald McDonald, Birdie and Grimace)
had a showdown that made everybody giggle..^^
Next was gifts giving and blowing candle of the celebrant – Terrence Buzz Lightyear.
Zeiss Terrence was so happy seeing all the kids around him together with his
Uncles; Titas; Lolos & Lolas; of course his loving Mommy Joyce-Jessie and Daddy Markh Woody.
The kids greeted the celebrant a warmth “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!”.
Mommy Joyce-Jessie and Daddy Markh-Woody wishes Zeiss Terrence a good health, to be smart and be a happy person.
Then Terrence shared his blessings to all the kids by giving different souvenirs and gifts.
The Family awarded as well 2 kids with the Best Costume.
Best Costume was Snow White – Alexis Rouen and Tigger – Nicco Jiam.

Thank You Message from the Celebrant – Terrence Buzz Lightyear;
Mommy Jessie & Daddy Woody

On behalf of the family Mommy Joyce-Jessie thanks their guests for coming and
all the support they’ve got from their parents; friends and relatives.
This is a reflection of a happy family. It started with a joke from Terrence when
his Mom and Dad asked what he wanted for his 3rd birthday and he replied a party from McDonalds.
And yes indeed.. Terrence wish come true.
“With some ingenuity and creativity simple party can be very happy” Thanks be to God.